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today was a real party like us.
i hate livejournal cuts
its really only so that you dont read the post.
i like it when a big interesting post takes up my entire friends page.
but i know you guys all hate it.

eventful day.

this morning jack woke me up early
and did work and got the WP train
and who did i meet there? you guessed it
Image hosted by
my dear friends nina and dea
i didnt know theyd be around.
i didnt know we'd have the exact same day planned out.

so we took the train both groups had separately planned on
and got to the grand central terminal at 11:30 ish
Image hosted by
before the bathroom lines

so we took some sweet piXX
Image hosted by

this one took a lot of tries
Image hosted by
trips up and down the stairs.

we looked cute
Image hosted by

and then jack came!
Image hosted by
yayyyyyy jack

and nick came too!
its odd, i dont have any pictures of nick
from the whole day. is that odd?
nick photographs so well, too.
heres all i got. i think nick may have taken this
Image hosted by
nick is one of my favorite people, you know.

so we took the subway and walked
and walked and walked and walked and walked
passing various fun things like this pony
Image hosted by

but oh dear
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
but jack rode it like a real cowboy.

then after many wrong turns, we finally made it to ABCnoRio
we were there to do food not bombs!
you get to make vegan food for people who need food
oh heres a pic of nick!
Image hosted by

we waited for someone to open the door to the kitchen and stuff
so we played with a cat and made new friends
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

and walked around
Image hosted by

Image hosted by
see there goes jack walking around

it was a really cute place
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
its funny that i use the word cute
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

then we went out back to play human knot
which didnt get played, damn
but it was a caterpillar breeding ground?
Image hosted by

then i tried to get dea pictures:
Image hosted by
stop making funny faces!
Image hosted by
eyes closed?!
Image hosted by
come on! get it right!!
Image hosted by

then this nice lady climbed like a monkey
to get to the window to open the kitchen
Image hosted by

and we opened it and got the food and sorted out all the badness because the fridge hadnt been on so it was all moldy vegetables but then we cut it all up and diced it and cried because of onions and peeled bananas and i touched tomatos and a threw away nasty things and it was very nice and we met a lot of very nice kids and a very nice homeless punk rock guy. and we hung out there for a few hours and used big knives to cut things up. and we sat on a balcony and listened to defiance ohio and new against me which was pretty bad, and some inferno. and bad religion. slkdhglk and it was so nice!!

then we took a train back
Image hosted by
and we were very tired.

which is understandable considering that we powerwalked to try and fidn the subway, glancing at our watched, hoping to make the train to get us to syf on time and we finally made it, no trouble, and got to the uptown part, but the train that came was going downtown and we didnt know until we were on it, so we jumped off and saw a train going the other way across the thing so we RAN! we RAN up the stairs and around the thing and down the other stairs and MADE IT! and it was express and we miraculously made it to grand central with time to spare. i cant believe that, really.

then we were in scarsdale and hung around and ate gross crap and it was good and then we walked to syf and had good syf and good diner and i love everyone.

welcome to another week, which will have another wonderful ending/begninng.
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